Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

This mardy pooch simply won’t admit it’s bed time.

Acting like a human toddler Lincoln, the three-year-old bulldog, refuses to admit it’s bed time and simply ignores his parent’s commands.


Thrusting all of his weight into into lying dead, even one of Lincoln’s owner, Henry, is struggling to move him.

However, he finally gives up when he is being picked up limb-by-limb and is carried into his bed.

Lincoln’s owner, Laura, caught this situation during one of their night time rituals.


Laura said: “Lincoln loves being on the coach and he knows once he’s in his pen, we go to bed, so he probably was trying to delay us leaving as well.

“If he is on the couch when it nears his bed time, then this will happen.

“If he is lying on the floor it’s a little easier to get him to go to bed, but he tries to play like he’s deeply asleep because you can see he doesn’t want to move.

“People think it’s cute that he’s so stubborn.”