Video Viral

By Chris Adams

A rookie policeman believes he may have a POLTERGEIST living in his laundry room – as spooky footage shows him run in terror when a detergent bottle moves on its own.

Terrified trainee cop Jonny Edwards was home alone when he took a Snapchat video as he went to investigate an unexpected noise coming from the utility room and was greeted with the eerie movement.

The 29-year-old let out an almighty yelp as the untouched bottle slid sharply from left to right despite the washing machine being switched off and no-one else being present.

And, shortly afterwards, Jonny claims a canvas and a picture frame fell off the wall in two separate unexplained incidents.

Jonny, from Brisbane, Australia, said: “I’m convinced this house is haunted. There’s no other explanation.

“We always switch the washing machine off when we’re finished – every time – so I knew there was something weird going on.


“We’ve got a Labrador-dachshund cross called Ahlo who used to sleep in the laundry room and since this she’s been petrified and won’t go near it. There’s something up.

“I was watching television and the washing machine started making a noise. I thought: ‘That’s bizarre’ because we turned if off after using it the previous day.

“I took a video to send to my partner and after I saw what had happened I rang my cousin straight away.

“It was crazy. After that bottle moved… that was it for me. I’ll never look at that room the same way.

“A canvas came off the wall behind me as well. I have no idea what happened. I never used to believe in poltergeists and that kind of thing, but this has completely thrown me.”


Jonny then claims that shortly after the washing machine incident, which happened last month, another freak turn of events sent shivers down his spine.

After he and his partner went out to a service station to buy cigarettes, they returned to find a picture frame had fallen off a wall and landed a metre-and-a-half away by the door.

Jonny said: “These two things have really opened my eyes. We’ve lived here for a year and there’s been all sorts of weird happenings.

“The bathroom door has unlocked itself a couple of times but I put that down to me not shutting it properly.


“The washing machine thing was frightening. It was around 8pm. I was home alone. After I checked that the machine was definitely off, I couldn’t go back in there.

“I was s******g myself. I’ve heard stories before but when you see something like this for myself, you’re scared.

“This is a pre-war house, so it’s pretty old, and I’ve been reading up on the area to see if there’s any kind of paranormal history here but I’ve found nothing.

“The picture frame fell off the wall while we were out but the glass didn’t smash? It’s too freaky.”