By Liam Geraghty

This cringe-worthy Costa Coffee order almost put the customer in hot water – after his GIRLFRIEND saw a video of their hilariously flirty exchange.

Ciaran Devlin from Billingham, Co Durham, was travelling to work on February 5 when he made a stop off for a hot beverage at Wolviston service station off the A19 in Teesside.

The 20-year-old, who is in the armed forces, was greeted by the cheerful attendant who enthusiastically chirped ‘good evening’ before asking: “What can I get you on this mighty fine super Sunday?”.

In the video, the fun-loving prankster can be seen soon getting into the spirit of the exchange by replying exuberantly: “Well my darling, I fancy a caramel latte.”

The Costa Coffee assistant then says: “Caramel latte? My favourite. Can I get you any other delicious hand-crafted beverages?”

PIC FROM MERCURY PRESS But refusing to be drawn into the flirtation, Ciaran’s pal responds flatly by asking simply for a large cappuccino.

Undeterred, the unnamed Costa employee brazenly responds: “Absolutely, any sprinkles on your drinkles?”

And delighted Ciaran can be heard saying in response: “All over.”

After confirming they had nothing else to order, the duo were told by the female staff member to pick up the two hot drinks in her typically elaborate style.

In the video, she says: “If that’s everything fellas, then come on down and meet your barista.”

The two men can then be heard erupting into laughter before Ciaran insists he could reach boiling point with his partner over the exchange, saying: ‘Our lass is gonna kill me’.

But the 20-year-old claimed he avoided a roasting when he showed his girlfriend the video clip.

Ciaran said: “I sent it to her and she replied saying something rude but she was only joking and she had quite a laugh about it really.

“I work all over the place and it is a regular occurrence that we stop for a coffee but it is the first time that I had stopped off there as it is a new store.

“When we pulled up, we saw the guy in the car in front laughing so we knew something was going on.

“But it is not something that you expect – you see videos like this and you think ‘when is that going to happen to me.”

The clip has brewed up a storm online and Ciaran admits that he was surprised pals wanted to toast it.

Ciaran said: “I didn’t think that the video would blow up like this to be honest.

“All the reaction has been really positive and I have had people messaging me to say how funny they have found it.

“I don’t see why all Costa employees shouldn’t do that because it is something a bit different.

“She was just trying to liven things up a bit and it does make me want to go back – I think it will become a regular weekend thing.”