lion cubs

By Kristiana Hall 

Forget scaredy-cats – these brave cubs are being scary-cats!

The little lions were pictured snarling at a camera and baring their teeth, with their eyes focussed straight down the lens.

 PIC FROM Mogens Trolle / Caters News 

The cubs were practicing defending themselves and warding off future competition for food and mates.

But they also revealed a soft side, with one of the cubs given the other a loving lick.

The photos were taken by Danish wildlife photographer and biologist Mogens Trolle in Samburu, north-east Kenya.

Mogens said: “I’m always deeply focused when I take wildlife portraits like these. Often you only have a split second to react.

PIC FROM Mogens Trolle / Caters News 

“I look for interesting expressions and the right light in their eyes.

“In a situation like this with the two cubs interacting in an amusing way I’m also smiling to myself behind the camera.

“You have to enjoy the moment and appreciate it.”

Mogens has worked as a wildlife photographer and biologist for the past 24 years on all seven continents.

His most recent project, ‘Eye Contact’, focusses on facial expression and animals’ eyes.