Offbeat Video

By Chris Adams

This is the moment a broken-down car FELL OFF a recovery vehicle at a busy roundabout – forcing the driver to jump out and steer it back on to the transporter.

Dad-of-two Alan Hook witnessed the white Fiat 500 slide off the breakdown carrier after a strap snapped as it left the A19 in Washington, Tyne and Wear.

An oncoming van was forced to drive around the runaway car as the panicking driver of the recovery vehicle rushed to retrieve it and drive it back on board.

HGV driver Alan, 61, said there could have been ‘a disaster’ if the car had come loose on the dual carriageway just moments earlier.


Alan, from Crook, Durham, said: “If that had happened while it was doing 60mph a minute earlier then several people could have been hurt.

“I was on my way back to work and I held back a bit at the roundabout because the lanes are pretty narrow and my wagon is pretty wide.

“I saw the guy in the van lean out the window to warn me something was going on and then as I crept past, I noticed the white car had fallen on to the road.

“I didn’t even notice until I watched the video back but the strap holding it in place just completely goes.

“There were three cars on it at the time and it’s really lucky he’d only started creeping along at the roundabout or it could have been really dangerous.

“To be fair to the guy, he kept his cool and got out and sorted it pretty quickly. I’d gone past him by that time so I’m not sure how he resolved it.”

Although Alan’s view was obstructed by a grey van, his dashcam clearly captures the strap snapping on the transporter before the car rolls on to the road seconds later.

The grey van driven smartly instructs Alan to halt his progress on the roundabout as the transporter driver hops out of his cabin to address the problem.

Alan, a grandfather-of-two, said: “Those lights don’t stay green for long so everyone was keen to get through but when something suddenly drops off like that you just stop instantly.

“I suppose it’s a bit ironic that the breakdown vehicle has broken down but, like I say, at least it happened there and not on the A19.

“When I watched it back it was a case of ‘now you see it, now you don’t’. One minute it’s on there and the next it’s on the ground.”