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elephant calf

Bilal Kuchay

A video has emerged from an Indian village showing people rescuing an elephant calf from an irrigation well, three hours after it had got trapped.

The calf was spotted by locals in cemented well in Varnabari Tea Garden of Alipurduar in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal, after they heard anguished cries of the little elephant.

The elephant is believed to have fallen into well while trying to drink water.


After villagers raised an alarm, a rescue team from the forest and wildlife department arrived at the spot to get the calf out from the well.

“Elephants venture into the area to drink water from the wells built for irrigation purpose.

“We believe the calf was part of a herd which had come to drink water from the well.

“The animal might have fallen into the well as the water level was down and beyond its reach,” said Kalayan Rai, a senior forest officer.


In the video, the hapless jumbo can be seen struggling in the muddy waters, trying to come out.

However, after hours of struggle the forest officials – with the help from villagers – finally pulled the animal out from the well.

“It was not a deep well but its boundary wall was relatively high that is why the elephant calf couldn’t get out of it on its own.

“It took us three hours to rescue the animal,” said Rai.

Soon it was rescued from the well, the elephant ran towards the nearby forest.