Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

This crafty guy effortlessly conquered the ‘Steal a Dollar’ challenge without dropping any coins.

The challenge, which sees a dollar note trapped between four quarters and a bottle, requires you to retrieve the paper money without spilling any coins.

Tammi Merrell tasked husband Gannon with the predicament after watching the video on TV and instantly he set about ways to overcome it.

After one failed attempt, Gannon carefully rolls one end of the note up and uses that tube to keep the coins balanced precariously on the beer bottle below until finally freeing the dosh.

Tammi, from Denver, Colorado, USA, said: “As soon as I saw Gannon get the note, I called him a genius.

“After seeing another solution on television, I wanted to see if he could crack the puzzle.

“Instantly I could see the cogs turning in his brain for ways to beat it, even while feeding our five-month-old baby.

“At first, he tried to pull it out fast but when that failed he said, ‘I could roll it’ and he did it on the first attempt.

“It was amazing.”