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dare devil

By Sergey Bezberdy

Watch the moment a dare devil attempts to train surf in a death defying stunt.

Alexander Nomernoy, 19, from Moscow, first tried his hand at train surfing around five years ago.

The train he was boarding became full and, desperate to get home, Alexander climbed on top of the carriage.

Pic by Caters News

The train soon picked up speeds of around 200-250 km per hour and, after feeling a sense of euphoria and freedom, Alexander hasn’t looked back since.

However, the dangerous hobby certainly holds life threatening risks, and if caught Alexander and his friends could face serious consequences.

Alexander, a student, said: “I saw a TV broadcasting about a guy who had died train-surfing in the Moscow underground and I suddenly became and interested and wanted to know more about how it worked.

“The first time I tried it I wasn’t scared at all, you get a huge sense of euphoria.

“It’s such a cool feeling you get when you are on top of the high-speed train going from Moscow to Saint Petersburg.

Pic by Caters News

“I love the feeling of freedom and the wind on my face while the others are sitting in the crowded coach below with almost no air.

“Besides you don’t have to pay for the ticket which is not so cheap.

“What I still haven’t tried is so-called front-underground, it’s where you get to the front of the train and ride it right in front of the driver.

“There are also different ways of surfing, whether that’s on trams, buses and all different kinds of trains.

“I would love to ride the underground in different cities too.”