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deepest pool

By Jack Williams

This extreme video is literally breathtaking, as it shows the lengths one freediver had to go to reach the bottom of WORLD’S DEEPEST POOL.

Guillaume Nery reached the bottom of the 40-meter deep Y-40 Deep Joy pool, near Venice, Italy, on a single breathe, sinking at a rapid speed after emptying his lungs to be less buoyant.

Doing so, Guillaume said, was only one half of the challenge, though – the other was to have his wife, Julie Gautier, swim next to him and film the entire breathold, without using scuba equipment.


The 35-year-old, from Nice, France, said that he undertook the challenge because of his love for the venue, despite it being artificial and different from the natural locations where he usually undertakes dives.

Guillaume said: “I just love this place, its one of the most fascinating place to freedive in the world, even if its artificial.

“When you are in this pool, it feels like a science fiction scene, futuristic, and the water is so clear that sometimes you have the feeling that you are flying.”

Though the pressure and sheer length of the breathold would be a challenge for a mere mortal, for a freediver like Guillaume, the dive is rather straightforward, he said.


In the past, Guillaume has broken four world records and can dive 126 meters below the surface on a single breathe.

When undertaking such incredible feats, the freediver always expresses caution; he never dives alone.

With Julie by his side for this specific dive, Guillaume looked to have fun with the occasion, and after releasing the footage this month, his video has already been viewed more than half-a-million times.

Guillaume said: “We try to show another approach to underwater filming.


“I like to play underwater – to walk, run, jump, climb, fly.

“That’s why, most of the time, I am never swimming, and why I never use fins for moving underwater.

“I like the idea of acting like a human, amphibious, and not like a diver.

“It feels like I am out in space, without gravity.”