Life Video

By Bilal Kuchay

A Pakistani toddler with nose bigger than the size of a cricket ball is desperately waiting for a life-saving surgery.

15-month-old Wazeer Ahmad from a small village, Kapoosar, in Pakistan’s Sindh province has a defected, trunk-like nose dangling down his face.

Due to the large weight of his nose, the boy is not able to eat properly and cries incessantly.


“Wazeer was born through a normal delivery but with a swollen nose.

“Within few months, his nose started growing at an abnormal rate and now its size is bigger than a cricket ball.

“Due to the large weight and size of the the he could not eat properly. He could not sleep well and cries incessantly,” said 25-year-old Momal, Wazeer’s mother.

Momal and her 31-year-old husband, Ghulab Bhai, took their baby to several doctors in Mithi, a small town in Pakistan, but to no avail.

The young parents then decided to take him to a private clinic where doctors advised them to take Wazeer to a bigger hospital in Karachi or Hyderabad, as he needs an immediate surgery to remove the tumour from his face.


“Four months ago, the parents visited my clinic along with their son. His tumour was not this big that time.

“I told them to visit the Civil Hospital in Karachi as this case needs to be handled by paediatric surgeons,” said Dr. Rajesh Kumar, who runs a private clinic in Mithi.

Ghulab Bhai, who work’s as a labourer and earns £3 a day, says: “Due to the lack of crucial funds I couldn’t take my son to any bigger hospital for the treatment.

“It was painful to see our son in such a condition. We were praying to God for a miracle and finally he listened to our prayers.”

The family recently received a call from the media cell of Pakistan Peoples Party chief, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s house after a local civil activist had posted Wazeer’s pictures on social media. The toddler was brought to country’s premier hospital Karachi on Monday in a car,  sent by the young politician.


“Bilawal’s personal assistant called me and assured me that Bilawal and his sister Asifa Bhutto will bear the cost of our son’s treatment in Karachi.

“He has given directions to personally look after the baby and he will pay all expenses for the treatment of this child.

“The child has been admitted in Ziauddin Hospital and had already undergone some tests,” said Surendar Valasai, media cell incharge of Bilawal House.

Both Momal and Ghulab are hopeful now that their son can get the proper treatment and would have a good future.


“All we want our son is to live a healthy life just like other children and have a bright future. And treatment is the only way possible.

“We are very thankful to Bilawal and his sister Asifa for their help,” said Momal.