By Laura Dale

An antelope stunned a photographer with its tall slender frame as it stood up on its hind legs.

Mogens Trolle, 48, a wildlife biologist, photographer and author who works in communications at the Natural History Museum of Denmark captured the eye-catching moment in Kenya.

 Pic from Mogens Trolle / Caters News

Mogens spent two weeks photographing wildlife at the Samburu National Reserve, Kenya when he saw a gerenuk towering high like a human.

Mogens said: “They’re aptly named the giraffe-necked gazelle. The extremely elongated neck and its long, spindly legs along with unique adaptations in the pelvic region makes it possible for the gerenuk to stand on its hind legs for long periods of time.

Pic from Mogens Trolle / Caters News 

“Standing tall allows the animal to feed on fresh leaves and buds out of reach of other antelopes.

“While feeding the gerenuk leans against the bush it is eating from. When done, it takes a step back and for a second or two balances in a bizarre human-like bipedal stance before getting back down on all four legs.”