Offbeat Video

By Chris Adams

A drunken reveller who fell asleep outside in a bathtub ended up on an unexpected adventure – after pals tied the tub to the back of their CAR and dragged him through the streets.

Dai Williams, 33, climbed into the empty bath and nodded off after a night boozing with friends at a house party in Tredegar, south Wales.

And when Dai woke from his slumber, they tied the unwanted tub to the rear of a car and dragged him dangerously through the street – swerving just yards away from other traffic.

The roofer – who gripped a can of Stella Artois throughout his journey – said he had full confidence in his pals not to put him in danger.

Dai, from Tredegar, said: “At first I thought it was great but then we took a couple of corners and I was like ‘oh s**t, what have I let myself in for here.

“I know it’s a bit silly and a bit risky but I wouldn’t have done anything that genuinely put me in danger. I trusted the driver.


“The roads weren’t that busy and it was just a bit of a laugh really. We tied it to the towbar with a bit of rope we found in the bushes so it was quite secure.

“I actually slept in it for a bit because I’d had a heavy night. That’ll probably be the last time I do that.

“I remember it all quite clearly actually which is surprising given how much I’d been drinking the night before.

“There was a couple of times when it was a bit hairy but we didn’t come close to hitting anyone else on the road.

“There was a car stuck behind me which probably wasn’t too impressed.”

Dai and his mates drove to a nearby car garage on July 9 where they heard they could exchange the bathtub for cash towards a new motor – but sadly the offer had expired.

Dai said: “It’s about two miles away so it was a long enough journey to be stuck in a bathtub.

“When we got there they said the offer had ended at the end of June so we were a bit gutted.

“This was probably 11am the night after we’d been drinking so I thought ‘why not have a Stella for breakfast?’.

“People were saying ‘oh, it’s unsafe’ but I know my friends wouldn’t put me at risk. There were two of them in the car as well so they wouldn’t want anything to happen.

“We all had a laugh and nobody got hurt, that’s the main thing.”