By Michael Scott

It’s New York as you’ve never seen it before – a bird’s eye view from the top of its famous skyscrapers.

Pic by _SVVVK/ Caters News – Columbus Circle from the top of Trump Tower.

Pic by _SVVVK/ Caters News – Pictured Bryant Park

The brave photographer, who is known as @svvvk on Instagram, scaled high rises across the state to get the breathtaking shots.

Pic by _SVVVK/ Caters News –  World Trade Memorial.

Pic by _SVVVK/ Caters News – Guardian of Financial District.

He is now showcasing his most iconic photographs on the picture sharing site, including one he took from the top of Trump Tower.

Pic by _SVVVK/ Caters News – Pictured St. Patricks Cathedral.

He said: “It is dangerous, but the risk for the shot looking over the edge is always worth it to me.

Pic by _SVVVK/ Caters News – Above Times Square at night.

“If there’s something out of reach or getting too dangerous, we have a friend lend a hand or call it off and move on.

Pic by _SVVVK/ Caters News – Looking down from the spire of Trumps 40 Wall St.

Pic by _SVVVK/ Caters News – (PICTURED: The Divide from on top of Trump Tower.

“One photo isn’t worth anyone’s life.”

Pic by _SVVVK/ Caters News – Sleek Sunset.

Pic by _SVVVK/ Caters News – Above Grand Central Terminal.

He added: “I don’t push my limits past what I know I’m capable of so I haven’t been hurt from doing this.

Pic by _SVVVK/ Caters News – Battery Park Sunset.

“I have been caught more than once by building security, but as long as you are polite and respectful to them, they will be the same.”