Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This persistent pooch’s paws keep slipping and he can’t stand up while learning to walk across a tiled floor.

Patient owner Reginald Smith is trying to teach adorable Cayden, a 6-month-old German Shepherd, how to cross the kitchen on his own to get into their garden in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

However, as soon as the boisterous pooch steps on the tiles, his front paws slip from under him and his belly flops to the ground.

With encouragement from Reginald and a tasty treat, Cayden continues to slowly but surely traverse the treacherous terrain despite all four legs giving away multiple times, leaving him to look like a dog shaped splodge on the floor.

Reginald said: “When I first noticed Cayden sliding across the tile floor, the film Bambi sprung to mind as he took his first steps.


“Now, I usually pick him up if I cross the tile floor to bring him out or pick him up and carry him when I’m in a hurry.

“He doesn’t seem to mind.

“He’ll just slowly lower himself into a laying position and just wait for me to carry him.”

Reginald adopted him after his previous service dog Tabitha was cruelly stolen from him.

The individual who provided Tabitha followed the failed rescue mission on Facebook and told Reginald about Cayden and the promptly bonded.

Although cute, Cayden’s balance is affected after suffering abuse from his mum, who also killed the rest of the puppies in his litter.

Reginald said: “The Mother most likely attacked Cayden out of stress or fear which is common and can result in cannibalism.

“From what I can tell, his body has healed but he seems to have some neurological damage.

“Much like infants with Shaken Baby Syndrome but in this case, it’s Shaken Puppy Syndrome.

“His balance has been the same since I’ve had him where he has traction on carpet, cement sidewalks and grass but is little shaky on tiles or gravel.

“He will gallop towards the front door when he hears the lock being unlock or when he hears me get out of bed in the morning.”