By Kristiana Hall 

A fiery gorilla makes no mistake in letting people know who rules the roost at HIS zoo.

Pic by Prauge Zoo/Caters News

Father-of-eight Richard the gorilla who has been a favourite at Prague Zoo since 2003 can be seen flaring his lips and giving his best blue steel impression.

Zoo photographer Petr Hamernik cannot keep his camera off Richard the gorilla who loves the attention no matter the mood he is in.

Pic by Prauge Zoo/Caters News

Petr said: “Richard was watching his family and smiled for his partner Shinda. Most of the time is he cloudy and shows dominance in the group.

“So it was a miracle to see him smile. He is one of our stars, our visitors love him and his family which now  includes his one-year-old son Ajabu.

Pic by Prauge Zoo/Caters News

“He is the leader of the family and he is a great father of eight babies who he plays with. Sometimes the kids get up to mischief but he is very patient with them.”