Video Viral

By Bilal Kuchay

Bizarre visuals  from a government office in India show employees wearing helmets while working  in an attempt to save their heads from falling parts of the roof.

Ironically, the office of block development office in Areraj in the eastern Indian state of Bihar is in such a bad condition that employees believe the roof can cave in anytime.

They say the plaster continuously peels off the ceiling and fall on their heads, risking their lives.


“This is quite an old building. Walls and the roof of the building are in a very bad shape.

“Water starts trickling the moment it rains. The roof can cave in any day. Since we can’t be absent from our duties, we all decided to wear helmets,” said Parvez Ahmad, an employee working in this office.

He added: “Many employees have sustained injuries due to falling of plaster from the ceiling.”

Not just employees, even people visiting this office prefer to cover their heads before entering into its premises.

Another employee, Amit Kumar Pandey said: “The building construction department had two years back declared the building is hazardous and unfit for use. The authorities have, however, found no alternate accommodation to shift the office.


“The situation has aggravated due to rains as the entire building leaks, compromising the safety of office equipment and records.

“The matter has been communicated to senior officers many times in writing, but to no avail.”

With the office located just beside a popular temple, many pilgrims also take refuge in the office corridors when it rains.

After the video and pictures of the office had gone viral on social media, the state government has finally decided to shift the office to a safer place on immediate basis.

A senior official said: “The office will be shifted to a safer place within a day.


“We had ordered shifting of offices immediately after the adverse report from the building division, but the process got delayed. We have already issued a show-cause notice to the concerned official, asking him to explain the reason for delay in shifting.

“Show-cause notices had also been served to the four employees in the video for taking their problem to the media and not apprising their seniors,” he further added.