Offbeat Video

By Jos Weale

A mum-of-two was stunned when she discovered her hubby’s lost wedding ring, believed to have gone missing while playing football a year ago – in a DEFROSTED CURRY.

Annie Robb was clearing out the freezer last Wednesday (July 12), when she spotted a long-forgotten curry lurking at the back that she put aside to defrost before throwing out.

Child minder Annie initially thought it was a bottle top or keyring but on closer inspection, she was bowled over to discover her husband Chris Robb’s white gold wedding ring he lost 12 months ago nestled in the defrosted meal.


The couple from St Albans, Hertfordshire, had thought the hand-made sentimental piece, engraved with the couple’s wedding date of September 21 2002 in Roman numerals, had gone missing at a Thursday night football session.

Frantic Chris and his footy pals combed the pitch for 45 minutes on the night and even used a metal detector the next time they played in a desperate bid to track it down.

Sales manager Chris and Annie said they are ‘clueless’ as to how the ring found its way into the takeaway Indian meal.

Annie, 50, said: “We’ve just sold our house and are going to be moving, so I decided to clear out the freezer.

“There was a dodgy-looking curry in there, so I got that out – I didn’t even know what type of curry it was.

“I was going to throw it away but I wanted to defrost it so there was no water in the bin.


“I could see something that looked like a bottle top or a keyring inside it, I never dreamed it was the wedding ring.

“It was all shiny and sparkly, it was just incredible. I couldn’t speak. There were no other adults around at the time to show it to.

“We have no idea how it got in the curry – we can’t place how or why. It’s really spooky.

“It’s lucky I spotted it when it was partially defrosted, otherwise the ring would have gone in the bin.”

Annie decided to capture his reaction on camera when she told Chris the good news and returned the cherished item to him.

Annie, who has a son, Jasper, 13, and daughter, Scarlett, nine, said: “When he came home that day he lost it he said had lost it playing football.

“He was devastated and had gone back to the pitch with his mates to look for it.

“I hadn’t bothered looking in the house because as far as we knew it was lost at football, and we didn’t claim it on the house insurance.

“We were both quite upset when he lost it at the time.


“So when I handed it to him he was completely dumbfounded. It was amazing – it was very special.

“The rings were hand-made for us, and engraved with the date we got married.

“I wish I’d taken a picture of the curry as he still thinks I planted it.

“He has no clue, just no idea how it got in there.

“I rang my mum to tell her and she thought it was hilarious, it has made people smile.

“Somebody did joke to us about what we would find in the chilli con carne.”

Chris, 49, said he’ll never live it down with his pals who he roped in to carry out finger-tip searches of the pitch over the last few months.

Stunned Chris said: “At the time I’d looked down when I was playing and noticed my ring wasn’t there.

“Sometimes I didn’t take it with me, but I was convinced I had lost it there.

“My mates and I spent 45 minutes looking for it, and next time we were there somebody came in with a metal detector too try and find it, then I kind of gave up on it.

“They resurfaced the court last week and then I asked again if they’d found anything, but they hadn’t.

“Annie asked me if I could think of anything I had lost in the past year that meant a lot to me, and explained what had happened with the curry.

“I was just astonished. I’m hugely relieved.

“It’s important – it wasn’t like an off-the-shelf one, it had had been made for us by a friend and had the date in Roman numerals on it.

“Maybe it had slipped off my finger while I was putting the curry away, but I would have thought I would have felt it go. I have absolutely no clue how it got there.

“I told my mates at football the day after Annie found it, it’s safe to say I got some stick for it.”