Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

Watch the hilarious moment an adorable four-year-old tries and fails to spell ‘mommy’.

Waverly Gwin, otherwise known as Wave, tries her hardest to spell out loud the words she is given however the result is far from accurate.

Pic From Caters News 

Her doting parents, Amber and Chris Bull, love to watch their little girl, who they say is a superstar in action and film her antics on camera.

Wave, who is currently in preschool, is actively learning her letters and numbers and has been learning to spell her name since the beginning of the year.

Amber, from Maryland, USA, said: “Wave is super silly and a true practical joker, she will put underwear on her head and say it’s a hat and then dance like a crazy person just to make you laugh.

Pic From Caters News

“Wave is a smart cookie, she knows she isn’t spelling them correctly but she goes big and tries really hard.

“Her birthday is on April fools, which is perfectly fitting for her personality.

“While it’s funny to see her enthusiasm, we are working on the correct spelling of her name right now before we dive into more spelling.

“We do get a kick out of telling her to say funny things or do funny things and make videos about it to show her when she is older.

Pic From Caters News 

“She is such a character and loves dressing up and putting on a show, she is obsessed with cowgirl boots, she wears them everywhere and has about four pairs.

“She loves playing games and learning so I can see a spelling bee being a fun activity for sure in the future.”