By Christina Wood

Three daughters caught on camera the moment their mum was overcome with emotion when they surprised her with the white wedding she couldn’t afford when she got married 40 years ago.

When grandmother-of-12 Anne, 66, and Ian Kesterton, 70, originally married in 1977 they couldn’t even afford a white wedding dress – and retired cleaner Anne has longed for one ever since.

So daughters Veronica Largue, 34, Lynette Stephen, 36, and Teresa Ritchie, 39, secretly arranged for the duo to renew their vows in a ceremony at the SAME HOTEL where they first got married.

The three sisters then filmed the emotional moment that they surprised Anne with the wedding dress she had always dreamed of.

The tear-jerking footage shows Anne being surprised in their home in Turriff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, when she thought that she was just trying on a dress for a family meal.

She covers her face as her eyes well up when she realises she will be getting married later that day.

Veronica, a mum of three, said: “There have been times when I have been trying on wedding dresses when I got married and my mum said I wish I got married in white but she said it was too late.


“I think it hurt her watching me try them on.

“My dad was very overwhelmed and emotional. He knew she wanted a white wedding. It was a dream come true. He was blown away by how amazing she looked.

“My mum was extremely overwhelmed she was really surprised she was thrown by it. She was so grateful.

“My parents will never forget it. It was the best present you could ever give your parents.


“I wanted to make it an experience for my mum, with a ceremony, a meal and an evening reception.

“We wanted to be bridesmaids because she didn’t have any 40 years ago. I wanted it to be a surprise until 15 minutes before. I wanted them to be in complete shock.

“We have our ups and downs but we are a close family. We always want to do nice things and make each other happy.”

The sisters had tricked mum and dad into thinking they were going for a family meal, so the girls did their mum’s hair while Lynette’s husband took road surfacer Ian out for a drink.

After revealing the plan, they took them to the Fife Arms Hotel, where the couple had their first wedding, for the vow renewal ceremony, meal and reception.


Lynette, a mum of four, said: “It was my younger sister who came up with the idea about two weeks before their anniversary. We decided we wanted to do something a bit special.

“We weren’t sure we could do it in such a small space of time but it was a success.

“It was brilliant. It was a big celebration and a big enough surprise. It went perfectly.

“They had no idea what was going on. We told them we were going to be taking them out to a meal, my husband took my dad out for a pint and explained to him exactly what was happening.

“Once her make-up and hair was done we said you better get into your dress.

“Mum has always mentioned when we got married how she had never worn a white wedding dress and how she had missed out.

“It worked out really well. She can’t believe it.”


The video shows Anne originally going looking for her own dress before being shown the wedding dress which she has dreamed of for 40 years for the surprise vow renewal.

Anne said: “I was just proud as punch and my husband was shocked he didn’t know anything about it either. He knew I always wanted to wear a wedding dress.

“It was a big surprise. Something I will never forget. They have done a good job. I can’t fault them on anything. It was magical.


“I’ve got beautiful daughters. They wanted to make my dream come true. That’s what I have been wanting for 40 years.

“When I’ve seen my daughters getting married in their wedding dresses it’s made me think I would have liked to get married in a white dress.

“It was so emotional that day. I was shocked that they had organised everything.

“When we got married we couldn’t afford that then and I was happy with the dress I wore back then but it wasn’t the same.”