Offbeat Video

BY Bilal Kuchay

An Indian villager has revealed his love for Ferrero-Rocher inspird ‘mud balls’ – coated in pieces of broken bricks.

Bizarre visuals show Kamleshwar, 45, a migrant labourer, snacking on mud and bricks with bread for lunch.


He goes from place to place in search of his daily meals and spends hours looking for the finest mud. He then mixes water into it to give them shape of balls the size of Ferrero Rocher chocolate and smash bricks with his hands to coat them with.

In a day, Kamleshwar stomachs at least 500 grams of inedible objects, but claims of no ill effects of his weird food habit.

“I love mud and bricks. There is nothing else that I would eat with my chapati. Nothing else would satisfy my hunger, certainly not vegetables or lentils,” says Kamleshwar.


The labourer from Haridwar – an ancient city and important Hindu pilgrimage site in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand, first developed a taste for the seemingly uneatable objects at the age of 28 after accidentally eating mud to control pain in his mouth.

“I have been eating mud and brick particles for around 17 years now.

“I started this eating habit at the age of 28 and it has become a part of my life now. I have never suffered any illness due to my eating habits.

“Almost two decades ago I was suffering from a disease wherein blood used to come out of my mouth.

“I visited several doctors but they told me there is no cure to this disease.

“I was in lot of pain once and accidentally ate mud. Surprisingly, not only I felt relieved but I did not feel anything wrong with my stomach even after continuously eating mud for some weeks.

“I realised the unknown disease that had been troubling me for days had gone. There was no blood coming out from my mouth,” Kamleshwar added.

Kamleshwar claims to suffer no ill effects from eating his mud snacks and even boasts of a healthy set of teeth.

“My eating habits have no side effects. My teeth are absolutely fine, so there is no question for me to stop eating the mud.

“I can skip meals, but not mud,” said the labour who makes  less than £4 a day and lives on the streets of Haridwar.