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By Tui Benjamin

This super-fit mum didn’t let going into labour make her miss her workout – performing squats, lunges and tricep dips from hospital while having CONTRACTIONS.

PIC FROM @bubs2bikinis /Caters News

Social media fitness star and mum-of-three Anna Strode spent her pregnancy with daughter Madi, now one week old, exercising at home for 20 minutes a day.

So when the 33-year-old, from Melbourne, Australia, went into labour last Thursday she managed to fit in one last workout from her maternity ward just hours before her baby was born – despite having contractions every seven minutes.

Anna’s amazing video, filmed by husband Rhett Sutton, 37, shows her performing squats, lunges, tricep dips and low impact cardio before dancing around and hugging her bump.

The former marketing worker turned stay-at-home mum to Madi and twin sons Lachie and Sammy, two, said: “We were waiting in the delivery ward and I just couldn’t get comfortable watching TV or lying down so I decided to work out instead – I just picked my favourite movements.

PIC FROM @bubs2bikinis /Caters News

“When I filmed the video I was having mild contractions every seven minutes in the labour ward – I was waiting for them to ramp up to every five minutes so I could be moved to a delivery suite.

“I had quite a traumatic birth with the boys so I wanted to make Madi’s birth a more positive experience.

“This time around I knew what was coming and I wanted to take my mind off everything for a little while.

“Definitely my whole experience this time around was much calmer and less anxious.

PIC FROM @bubs2bikinis /Caters News

“I didn’t expect the video to have such a huge reaction. I just wanted to share it as my experience of what I did to help me through and take away the nerves.

“Rhett filmed the video – he is always supportive of everything I do and encourages me.

“With the boys’ birth we didn’t get to capture any photos or video, they were rushed away straight after they were born so there wasn’t the chance for that first photo either.

“This time I said to Rhett I really wanted something to look back on to remember the special moment by.”

Anna started Instagram page @bubs2bikinis after Lachie and Sammy were born as a way of documenting her return to fitness and round-the-house workouts.

She instantly gained a huge reaction on social media for her quirky videos of her working out with the boys and even using them as weights to lift.

Anna said she does not have time to exercise when her sons are asleep so instead finds it easier to incorporate them into her 20-minute daily workouts, which feature bodyweight exercises, dumbbells and kettlebells.

PIC FROM Fox and Feather Photography /Caters News

When the 33-year-old got pregnant with her daughter she cut out abs exercises and high intensity activities but otherwise continued her programme as normal.

Anna was rushed to hospital to give birth to Madi last Thursday at 41 weeks pregnant and Rhett filmed her final workout in the hospital’s maternity ward at 11pm.

After a six-hour labour, she gave birth to 3.2kg Madi at 8am the following morning – and her pre-birth workout video has since gone viral, racking up more than 50,000 views.

Because she had experienced a traumatic birth with identical twins Lachie and Sammy, she was keen for Madi’s birth to be a more positive and less anxious experience.

PIC FROM Fox and Feather Photography /Caters News

Anna said: “After Lachie and Sammy were born I found motherhood to be quite isolating so my page was a way of interacting with other mums– it was a good outlet for me.

“I was concerned about how would I get back into fitness and when I started working out at home I wanted to share that – and exercise really helped me not get the baby blues.

“I didn’t have time to work out when the boys were asleep because then I had other things to do, but by incorporating them into the workout it was something we could all enjoy together.

“There are a lot of misconceptions about exercise during pregnancy being dangerous but it is so great for you and the baby.

“It was not about keeping a six pack or anything like that – exercise just helps me approach my day with positivity. Even if I spend the rest of the day dealing with toddler tantrums I can remember I have done something for me.

PIC FROM @bubs2bikinis /Caters News

“Before children exercise was something that was always a chore whereas now I have found something I really look forward to each day.”

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