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Hilarious footage from Luton, England, has captured the moment a cat’s attempt to steal treats from the kitchen cupboard goes wrong.

The video was captured by Wayne Cinnamond to show his wife what their beloved cat, Growler, would do to get his treats.

“My wife and I saw a TV ad for Dreamies (cat treats) so we went out and bought a bag,” said Wayne.


The treats were met with instant approval by the Cinnamond’s two cats Growler (in video) and his brother Rocky.

Growler in particular seemed to develop a special liking for the treats.

“Both of our cats absolutely loved them but our cat growler would always go the extra mile.

He would meow at the cupboard for hours.”

In an attempt to satisfy Grolwer’s never-ending appetite Wayne fed him treats on a daily basis.

“I would usually give him a couple everyday when I came home from work.”


Growler, unsatisfied with the amount of treats being fed to him, decided to take things into his own hands.

“After a while he got clever and figured out how to open the cupboard doors.

I’d come home and there would be the Dreamies bag on the floor ripped apart and him and his brother would have eaten the lot.”

Wayne thought the upper kitchen cupboard would prove to be too difficult for Growler to break into and decided to move the treats there.


“On this particular day I was sitting in the living room and I could hear scratching- I knew he was up to something!”

“I saw him nearly open the door so I started to record him to show my wife what he was doing but instead he ended up swinging on the door.”

Unfazed about nearly taking a tumble Growler can be seen desperately continuing his search for Dreamies!