Offbeat Video

By Chris Adams

Shocking CCTV shows the moment a car ploughed into a family’s front garden – before a man returns to the scene to scoop up the car’s debris.

Security cameras at Zak Nelson’s home in Hempnall, Norfolk, captured a Land Rover Discovery careering into their hedges and wiping out a bin after appearing to lose control.

Moments later, a man walks across the front of the driveway carrying what appears be part of the car’s rear bumper – what Zak’s pals joked looked like ‘a dead body’.

Zak said nobody was home at the time and he’s still in the dark as to what actually caused the vehicle to crash.


Zak, a 21-year-old apprentice storeman, said: “I came back from work with no idea what had happened and there was a fence and a sign that had been completely taken out.

“I looked at my mum through the window and she just gave me a knowing look as if to say ‘yep’.

“It’s done a fair bit of damage to the front of the garden. My dad was initially trying to find the guy to get him to foot the bill for ruining our garden but I think he’s just leaving it now.

“We were all out at work and my mum doesn’t know how to work the CCTV so I just looked for the point when the bin got wiped out – it was pretty easy to notice.

“There’s a wooden mini-border on the garden which is totally gone and a sign for the house that got cleaned out, as well as the wheelie bin.

“Apparently the driver was so shaken up that a guy ran out from a garage nearby and helped carry bits of his car back to him.


“That’s the guy you can see after the crash – some people were joking that it looks like he’s carrying a dead body – but I think it’s just part of the rear bumper.”

Zak said last month’s crash was the latest in a long line of collisions on his road.

Zak said: “It’s not really fair to speculate how the driver crashed but our road seems to attract accidents for some reason.

“Just round the corner there’s another house that seems to get hit once a month. This is the first time someone’s ended up in our garden though.

“I’m not sure why because I’ve taken the same bends in wet conditions at 30mph and I don’t have any problems.

“Like I say, the reason is a bit of a mystery, but it’s a good thing none of us were in the driveway at the time or it would have been pretty hairy.”