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By Ellie Duncombe

Wildlife Rescuers had their work cut out after a mother duck and five ducklings decided to walk just over a mile through streets in Seaford, East Sussex.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service were called to the junction of Princess Drive and Beacon Drive in Seaford at 1:30pm to find the duck and her brood – but were unsure which pond she was taking them to.

PIC FROM WRAS / Caters News

Rescuers were worried that if they could easily move mum and ducklings to the wrong pond causing them to wander off once rescuers had left the scene potentially causing an accident if not spotted, or mum might fly off and abandon her babies if an attempt at capture failed.

“These rescues are always difficult and trying to balance the disturbance to humans and the welfare of the mum and ducklings is difficult. She knows where she want to go we just need to get her there safely” said a spokesperson.

It is common for ducks to nest in gardens and walk their young to ponds once they are several days old, as gardens are generally safer places to nest than at ponds and river.

PIC FROM WRAS / Caters News 

“We decided that we would let her walk along the roads and keep her safe, we are sorry for any delay she may have caused anyone, but the general reaction of everyone was very postitive” said Rescue Co-ordinator Trevor Weeks MBE.

The route took about an hour to walk.

Two Veterinary Ambulances were used to help keep rescuers and ducks safe.

PIC FROM WRAS / Caters News 

“We would really like to thank everyone for being so patient and caring today” said Senior Rescuer Chris Riddington, “there were so many smiling faces from motorists who very kindly slowed down and passed us carefully, helping us to get her to the safety of the pond”.