Offbeat Video

By Bilal Kuchay

A pigeon fancier from Pakistan has trained a pair of pigeons to fly alongside him while he rides a motorbike at 45 mph.

Abdul Rehman, 37, from Dera Ismail Khan in Pakistan’s Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province is filmed riding the two-wheeler while the pigeons flutter alongside him.

In the video, the moustached man, a police constable by profession, is seen releasing his pet birds after starting his motorbike.


Surprisingly, the birds maintain the same pace as Rehman builds up speed. After riding the motorbike for almost a mile, when he stops the bike both of his feathered pets also stop and rest on his hands.

A pigeon enthusiast since childhood, Rehman owns over 200 pigeons but he chose his favourite pair – Raja and Rani – for this job.

“They were only two months old when I decided to train them. They picked everything so well and a year after they are just amazing,” he said.

He got the idea to train pigeons after he spotting a video on Youtube showing a man riding bike and a pigeon fluttering alongside him but to a very short distance.

“I was so thrilled by the video that I made it my aim to train at least a pair of birds, who can fly alongside me while riding a bike.


“It was not an easy job to to train pigeons to fly alongside me as it needed a lot of dedication and patience. After office, I used to spent hours, training Raja and Rani.

“Once a pigeon recognises you, then your job becomes easier,” said Rehman.

Racing pigeons usually travel at speeds under 40 mph, and are known for their ability to navigate home across long distances.

But Rehman’s stunning pair of pigeons have earned him the name of ‘man with flying pigeons’.


“Today, for miles the pair of birds can flutter alongside me as I travel on my bike. It gives me a lot of happiness,” he says.

Rehman has spent over £500 on feeding and vaccinating his flock of pigeons in the past one year and for his favourite pair of birds, he has made a special diet chart.

“I give them a special diet of desi ghee (clarified butter), almonds and nuts to increase their stamina and keep them flying for longer time,” he said.