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elephant seal

By Ben Walley

A sleepy elephant seal was filmed smiling out of satisfaction as it gave himself a light scratch.

William Drumm, 31, a photographer and filmmaker from Denver, Colorado travelled to San Simeon in California this year and found an elephant seal scratching herself.

PIC FROM William Drumm / Caters News

The comical video shows a seal with her eyes closed use her flipper to scratch her side and appears to react with a smile.

William said: “During April and May female elephant seals here undergo what is known as the catastrophic moult, where they shed their entire outer layer of skin and all of their hair.

“This means they are itchy and can often be seen scratching themselves with their flippers or on the rocks and sand of the beach.

“This one in particular seemed to be smiling while he did it, making it such a great shot.

PIC FROM William Drumm / Caters News

“My favourite place to travel to is all over the California coast, especially Big Sur and Monterey Bay.

“Monterey Bay has incredible kelp forests, and crazy amounts of biodiversity, thanks to it being located next to the Monterey Canyon which is a huge deep sea trench located just offshore.”