Offbeat Video

By Tui Benjamin 

This is the horrifying moment a tiny newborn baby was thrown headfirst onto train tracks after her pram drifted off a station platform.

Railway bosses in Australia have been forced to launch a new pushchair safety drive in response to the shocking fall, which was caught on CCTV cameras.

Metro Trains, who run the network in Melbourne, said it was the THIRD such incident to have been recorded in four months and are urging ‘distracted’ parents to be vigilant.

Rob Guest, Metro’s director of customer experience, said: “It’s easy to be distracted as a parent, but it’s crucial to be vigilant around trains.

“It only takes a split second for an accident to happen. While incidents like this are rare, even one is too many.”

In the first CCTV clip, filmed at Aspendale station in Melbourne this January, a couple can be seen making their way down the platform with a pram as they wait for their train.

The parents then leaves the black pram facing perpendicular to the tracks but become distracted while looking at a timetable poster before letting go of the pushchair, which has not been braked.

Within seconds it has rolled off the platform and the sickening moment the tiny baby inside is thrown out and onto the tracks is captured in the video before the horrified parents race down onto the tracks to lift their child to safety.

Metro Trains said it was unknown whether the baby, who appeared to be wrapped in a light pink blanket, had suffered any injuries.

A second video, caught by CCTV cameras at Upper Ferntree Gully in October 2016, shows a grandmother waiting on the platform with an infant in a pushchair and another child.

The woman, believed to be a grandparent or carer, appears to become distracted by the older child – letting the pram go, which rolls off the platform onto the tracks.

She then can be seen jumping onto the tracks to retrieve the infant in the pram. Metro Trains said they did not know whether the child was injured.

In the final terrifying near-miss caught on camera this February a mum with a small child is waiting on the platform at Ashburton station with her empty pram nearby.

The pram can then be seen rolling off the platform and onto the tracks before the mum picks up the toddler and both climb down onto the tracks to remove the pram and collect their belongings.

Minutes later, the train they were waiting for passes through the station while the empty pram can still be seen lying on the side of the tracks.

Metro Trains have now launched safety campaign ‘Turn, Brake, Hold’ urging parents and carers using prams at stations to be vigilant.

Posters will warn parents to always face their prams parallel to the tracks, to put the brake on pushchairs when waiting on the platform and to hold onto their prams at all times while waiting.

Mr Guest added: “It’s a simple message but a really important one: turn, brake and hold your pram.

“When at the station, turn your pram parallel to the tracks, apply the brake, and always hold onto your pram. It’s also best to board close to the front of the train where the driver is close by.”

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