Offbeat Video

Footage from Phuket, Thailand, has captured a local parasailing operator accompanying tourists hundreds of feet into the air- without any safety gear.

The video was recently captured by Joshua Singh on Kata Beach.


“I was sitting on Kata beach with my girlfriend and to the left of us there were a few tourists talking to some of the local jet-ski operators,” said Joshua.

He watched on as one of the tourists agreed a fee for the parasailing experience and proceeded to be strapped in.

The parasailing experience costs approximately £22 (1000 baht) in Thailand.


“The tourist was then harnessed in and attached to the rope with the boat waiting.”

One of the operators stood behind the tourist just before setting off.

Joshua assumed the operator was there to ensure the tourist set off in the right direction.

“Next thing I know they both set off and the operator jumped up onto the parachute with the tourist without any harness at all!”


Joshua and his girlfriend watched on in utter disbelief – five more tourists had a go while the couple relaxed on the beach.

Joshua estimates that the parasail reached approximately 100 meters at certain times.

Especially terrifying is the fact that upon return the tour operator is several hundred feet above solid ground, without any safety gear.

Towards the end of the video the courageous operator can be seen dangling from the parachute, presumably to ensure a smooth landing.

“Must be crazy to risk your life everyday to give a bunch of tourists a thrill ride, but these guys do this countless times a day and seem so calm and relaxed throughout it.”