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By Jack Williams

These quirky speakers offer a sensible and portable way to RECYCLE WIMBLEDON TENNIS BALLS.


The body of each hearO speaker is a match-used tennis ball from the 2016 championship, offering a new way to reuse the thousands of tennis balls that are discarded at major championships every year.

The speaker is the brainchild of Richard Moss, a former junior tennis player from South Africa who later later played the sport at Brown University in America.


The idea came to Richard around three years ago, while he was working as an engineer in London and looking for ways to find new uses for tennis balls.

Each year, Slazenger supplies more than 55,000 tennis balls to the championship, while all four majors combined use more than 225,000 balls.

A tennis ball’s shape and size, Richard said, makes it perfect for a portable media companion; using Wimbledon tennis balls adds a level of uniqueness.

In order to source the tennis balls, Richard made a donation to, and worked with, the Wimbledon Foundation, which has a number of initiatives to move on used balls.


Some are sold to the public and the proceeds are donated to charity and tennis foundations.

In order to help fund the project, Richard turned to a Kickstarter campaign, where he raised more than 40,000 GBP from 249 backers.

The hearO comes with a price tag of 60GBP and, according to the company, preserves 75 percent of the original tennis ball.

Richard said: “I looked at it as an objective design problem.


“Its inherent texture and ergonomics made for an ideal portable media companion.

“A speaker coupled with each tennis ball’s individual story created an additional exciting layer of functional memorabilia.

“There are lots of balls, so we are hoping to introduce an innovative repurposing solution with hearO.

“Wimbledon have been great.

“A renegade project like hearO works through collaboration not rebellion.”