Animals Video

By Ben Walley

I can SEAL you – watch the adorable moment a seal pup begins to play with a divers flash light.

William Drumm, 31, was scuba diving in a kelp forest off Monterey, California, when a friendly harbor seal began following his group.

The seal decided to get up close and personal to the group and, after noticing a light attached onto a fellow diver, became transfixed with his new play toy.

William, a photographer and filmmaker, said: “The seal stayed with us for around 20 minutes, darting off and coming back again to play.

“He was really friendly and loved playing with the light, he was mouthing it and grabbing it with his cute little fins.

“Monterey is a great place to travel and Monterey Bay has incredible kelp forests, and crazy amounts of biodiversity, thanks to it being located next to the Monterey Canyon, a huge deep sea trench located just offshore.”