Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This eye-opening footage shows the amount of waste washing around on the bottom of the oceans – and the tireless lengths some divers go to in order to help keep them clean.

Plastic bottles can be seen washing around as a single diver collects them, one by one, and places them in a mesh net.

The shocking video was captured by underwater photographer Huai Su, at Shan-Fu Fishing Port, Xiaoliuqiu Island, Taiwan.

The individual in the footage, Huai said, was a student who had come to the area to learn about sea turtle awareness.


Huai, who filmed the moment on June 29, 2017, said: “I felt really surprised and sad at how selfish human beings are.

“Although I have been concerned the issue of marine debris for a while, it is still really surprising to me when I have a chance to see what’s happened in person.

“During the course, they found the sea bottom at this dive site was full of plastic bottles, so they decided to bring mesh bag and went back the day after to pick up as many bottles as they could.

“It is really common to see garbage underwater, and we will pick up as we can every time when we dive.

“This time we uploaded and shared this video because we were surprised by the amount of plastic bottles.”

Having posted the footage on the Islander Divers group Facebook page, Huai received numerous responses from viewers who wanted to express how shocked they were.


Each Wednesday, Huai said, a volunteer divers that are mainly locals head out into the ocean and collect waste that could be harmful to animals.

The speed at which they can clean, however, is far slower than the buildup of the likes of plastic bottles and fishing equipment, Huai said.

He said: “We would like to share a concept that as long as waste is produced, it won’t vanish from the planet.


“It’s not as easy as either you throw away waste or recycle it properly.

“We think the ultimate solution is to reduce the frequency of using single-use products, or even refusing to use them, urging the producer to find a new way to produce their products that is more environmental friendly.”