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By Laura Dale

This ritual will help make your wedding vows crystal clear – as you walk towards your beloved on glass!

A Spanish company has introduced a new concept that sees loved-up couples incorporate walking on crystals into their ceremony.

Completing the Crystals of Love ritual apparently brings the couple closer together and gives them confidence to overcome the challenges they will face in married life.

Crystals of Love, which has been running for three months, was established in Almeria, Spain, by director Sara Segura.

She was also involved in organising the largest glasswalking event in Europe, in which 900 people took part in the Spanish capital Madrid.

Pic from Wedding Glass / Orlando Durn / Caters News 

Sara said: “The idea came to me on a summer’s day by the sea when I was talking about what my ideal wedding would be with a friend.

“I told him that if I ever married I would like to do something completely different, and introduce a metaphor for life as a couple.

“I had walked on crystals before and it had helped me to focus my mind and strength, and then it hit me it would be perfect for weddings.

“The Love Crystals symbolise commitment, union and love between two people, and walking on the path represents the challenges, obstacles and fears you will encounter throughout your lives as a couple.

Pic from Wedding Glass / Orlando Durn / Caters News

“Trusting yourself and your partner is crucial to the ritual, so we work with people beforehand both to train them for the walk and to coach emotional intelligence.

“We facilitate the setting and atmosphere so that the couple becomes familiar with the ritual and enjoys the unforgettable feeling on their wedding day.

“The ritual “The Crystals of Love” lasts for 3 hours of training and 10 minutes at the ceremony.”