By Janet Tappin Coelho & Charles Wade-Palmer

Rescuing a cow in a swimming pool may not be as routine as a cat stuck up a tree but three Brazilian firefighters took the challenge in their stride.

According to rescuers the 600-pound dairy cow plunged into the pool on Monday after wandering across from a nearby field and breaking through the wire fencing of a local farm in Morrinhos, central Brazil.

The animal was hauled out after a crew member dived into the water and tied ropes around the butter-fly enthusiast.

The homeowner called emergency responders after hearing ‘splashing coming from the leisure area and several deep moos’.

PIC FROM Morrinhos Firefighters/ Caters News

The unusual guest initially tried to clamber out of its waters prison, but gave up after several failed attempts said the homeowner.

Emergency responders found the stranded bather standing in the shallow end near the pool ladder. The bewildered animal was agitated as it tried to keep itself afloat by staying in one place.

PIC FROM Morrinhos Firefighters/ Caters News

Cristiano Ribeiro de Amorim, in charge of the rescue, said: “The cow calmed down when we arrived and didn’t struggle as we set about trying to save her. It was a good thing because there was just three of us to do the job.

“She had made the sensible move of staying in the shallow part of the pool which is about 1.3 metres deep.

“It would have been a struggle to stay afloat in the deeper end which is 1.8 metres. We took three ropes and tied them around her body. Then we lifted her out.”

The heavy lifting mission lasted a half an hour.

PIC FROM Morrinhos Firefighters/ Caters News

The uninjured animal was released and returned on its own accord back to the nearby field. The animal’s owner was said not to have missed it.

Amorim said no one knew how the cow managed to get into the pool but finding stricken animals in unusual circumstances was ‘just part of the job’.

Fortunately, the cow was found during the day. There might have been a different outcome if it had happened at night rescuers admitted.