By Michael Scott

So how many kids can you fit on a rock? By the looks of it, four furry ones!

Pic from Eivor Kuchta / Caters News

These baby mountain goats can be seen messing around and playfully jumping between the highland rocks.

But all under the watchful eye of their mother, who is close behind them while they play.

This playful moment was captured on Mount Evans in Colorado by Eivor Kuchta.

Pic from Eivor Kuchta / Caters News

Evior said: “The little ones have their time for play, then they eat and rest – just like human babies.

“When they do play, they play hard!

“It’s important practice for their future skills, surviving in the rocky terrain at 4000m.

Pic from Eivor Kuchta / Caters News

“It can be so much fun watching them jump and push each other off the rocks, I feel so much joy in my heart when I get to see them being a bit crazy.”