Animals Video

By Iain Watts

Meet the fluffy flamingo chicks that have hatched at Chester Zoo.

Adorable footage has captured the first wobbly footsteps of one of the 14 new arrivals as what appears to be a ball of cotton wool with legs almost takes a tumble out the nest.

Flamingo chicks start out life with white or grey fleecy feathers but they soon develop their iconic pink feathers at around six months old.


The hatchlings are the first be welcomed into the zoo’s flamboyance of flamingos so far this year.

But they could soon be joined by plenty more chicks as there are a number of eggs still on the nest and keepers are eagerly awaiting several more new arrivals over the coming weeks.


Of the world’s five species of flamingo, it is the Caribbean birds that are known to have the brightest and pinkest plumage of all.

Chester Zoo is home to more than 100 flamingos in its Caribbean flock and over 100 flamingos in its Chilean colony.