Video Viral

By Bilal Kuchay

This is the jaw-dropping moment a woman is captured on CCTV camera walking moments after jumping in front of a moving train in India.

The terrifying moment has left commuters bemused at a railway station in India after they witnessed a woman jumping in front of a moving train and suddenly vanishing from the scene.

The shocking incident shows a woman wearing a sari, stands perilously close to the edge of the Ghatkopar Station in Mumbai-the financial capital of the country, also known for its massive local train network.


As the train approaches the platform, the woman jumps off in front of the packed commuter service.

Onlookers, who were on the station are seen waiting for the train to pass, so they can help the woman.

But after the train pulls out of the station, the woman is nowhere to be found on the tracks.

Onlookers believed that the woman was a ‘ghost’ as there was no sign of her on the tracks and even none of them saw her running off.

But in another camera put in the station, the same woman is seen walking off from platform number two of the railway station.

Railway officials think the unnamed woman, who they say probably intended to take her own life, may have walked away from the tracks unharmed.

“It seems like a case of attempted suicide. Four bogeys of the train went over her, but she may have escaped unhurt after getting stuck between the tracks,” said a railway official.