By Jamie Smith

A hyena appears to walk on water as he catches a glimpse of his own reflection.

Photographer, Jake De Wet, from South Africa, was luckily visiting the Kruger National Park when he saw the hyena.

The image is an optical illusion that the hyena is walking on water – when in fact the depth of the water is so shallow, that he’s actually on the flat road.

PIC BY Jake De Wet/ Caters News

After visiting the national park for the past 25 years, Jake was thrilled to capture the image.

Jake said: “I spotted a hyena standing in the road staring at its reflection.

“I appears to be walking on water but it’s a thin layer of water.

“I knew I needed to act fast in order to get the image of the hyena staring at itself.

“I grabbed the camera and made a quick adjustment on the exposure and managed to grab the image just before the animal licked the water off the road.

“That would have removed the water and spoilt the optical illusion

“But this is what wildlife is about, you never know what will show up next.”