By Becca Husselbee 

A couple have been forced to fork out £1000 to dog-proof their home – after their pet husky caused chaos with her escape attempts.

Seven-year-old Husky Nala is well known in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, for appearing in neighbours gardens after burrowing out of her own garden to make sure she can lie in the SUN – and in her latest escape attempt, she even got stuck on the family’s ROOF.

Pic by Luke Johnston / Caters News

Owners Mark and Jackie Quinn risked their lives dangling out of a skylight trying to rescue their bonkers pooch – before resorting to calling in firefighters.

The family had already replaced their garden fence three times, at a cost of hundreds of pounds, to try to keep Nala from bagging a better sunbathing spot in their neighbour’s gardens, before she resorted to escaping through a skylight.

Now, the red-faced couple say they will have to add their attic conversion to the list of places they have to ‘Nala-proof’.

Mark said: “She’s definitely a Houdini character.

“I had to replace our old garden fences for large six-foot panels but she was still digging under them or biting her way through.

Pic by Luke Johnston / Caters News 

“So I decided to add concrete base panels but she was still getting through the fencing at the bottom of the garden.

“Eventually I had to put five-foot green mesh fencing up which she managed to climb her way over.

“She goes to our next door neighbour, Ann, who’s 90, and has a cheeky sunbathe in her garden.

“She loves her just as much as us and I have to go round and fetch her back.”

IT worker, Mark, believes it is instinct that leads Nala to her getaway behaviour but her most extravagant escape trick to date happened on her own roof top.

Pic by Luke Johnston / Caters News 

The cunning hound made her way into the couple’s daughter Lauren’s bedroom, before sneaking out of the open skylight and refusing to come down.

Firefighters spent 40 minutes trying to rescue Nala – until one officer came up with the bright idea of luring her to the window using her favourite treat – a slice of ham.

Jackie, 60, said: “She wasn’t frightened at all.

“I think she likes to look at the views.”

The couple were alerted to his dog protesting on the roof after a neighbour in the opposite house knocked their door.

Mark ran up stairs with his daughter to attempt a rescue mission and dangled out of the loft window while his daughter held on to his legs but Nala refused to come inside.

Mark then rushed to get ladders and at that point wife, Jackie, decided it was in the best interests of Mark’s safety that she should call the fire service for back up.

Pic by Luke Johnston / Caters News 

Jackie said: “When he said he was going to get the ladders I decided to call the fire brigade because it was getting dangerous and I could just imagine him falling.”

Jackie said: “The firemen eventually asked if we had any treats for her and I said that we could could try her with the her favourite, a slice of ham.”

The owners said they now have to plan ahead in case the smart pup finds a new escape route.

Jackie said: “We had the windows open because it was so hot but we will be putting a stair gate up so she can’t get in the loft anymore.

Husband, Mark, who works in IT, said: “I saw her eyeing up the kennel the other day and wouldn’t be suprised if she’s planning her next move.

“We kept one of her puppies, Elsa, who is nearly two, and shes doesn’t take after her mum at all.

“They are lovely dogs but they are definitely hard work and have lots of energy.

“Nala is renowned for escaping and I’m sure she she will be planning her next one soon.”