By Kristiana Hall

A photographer has captured an electrifying shot of a lifetime – the rare moment a lightning bolt came from a rainbow.

The stunning snap shows the incredible moment the lightning forked down from the vibrant rainbow during a beautiful sunset in Boca Grande, Florida.

PIC FROM Matthew Smith / Caters News

The extremely rare occurrence – which requires super-precise weather conditions – was caught on camera by biologist, Matthew Smith who works as the director of Sarasota County mosquito management.

PIC FROM Matthew Smith / Caters News

The 40-year-old, who enjoys photography as a hobby, said: “It’s hard to put a verbal description on how excited I was when I captured these images.

“Earlier in the day thunderstorms had been moving through the area around Boca Grande where I was shooting.

PIC FROM Matthew Smith / Caters News

“There had been some rainbows and lots of beautiful cloud structure.

“I was really hoping there would be a colourful sunset, a nice rainbow and some lightning, so when I saw those three things coming together I got a little over excited.

PIC FROM Matthew Smith / Caters News

“I had to force myself to calm down and pay attention to camera settings.  When I got the first bolt coming from the rainbow I’m pretty sure I made a fool out of myself running around the beach, jumping up and down yelling.”