By Becca Husselbee 

These cute pictures of an otter appear to show him praying as he plays in the water at a wildlife reserve.

Taken by keen photographer, Lorraine Culloch, a 39-year-old care home worker, the pictures show the otter placing his paws together.

Lorraine was walking through reserve when she spotted the Otters playing in the water.

She said: “They were captured by just watching and waiting for the right moment.

Pic by Lorraine Culloch / Caters News Agency

“I was so happy with capturing these photos as the camera sees and captures moments that we don’t maybe see at the time.

Otters are mischievous creatures who enjoy playing with small stones and are know for their intelligence.

Lorraine has more photography plans as she spends every spare minute taking pictures of wildlife in her area.

She said: “My next Plan is to visit the Isle of May, an island of the coast of mainland Scotland, to see the puffins.”