Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

This is the fantastic moment a teenage was left stunned when he grandma surprised her by pretending to be a taxi driver before her high school graduation.

Lily Young, 14, was patiently waiting outside her mum Alyson’s home in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada, for the ride to the ceremony celebrating the end of junior high.

Quickly recognising the car pulling in is familiar, the stunned 14-year-old turns gobsmacked to her mum before Alyson says ‘I think that’s your drive’.


Not waiting for the vehicle to stop, Lily runs over to her grandma Toni Mason who steps out asking ‘did somebody order a taxi’ ahead of a huge embrace between the reunited pair who hadn’t seen each other in almost two years.

Alyson said: “Toni is not just Lily’s grandma she is also her best friend.

“She looks up to her ‘Grammie’.

“Where Toni lives in Trenton, Ontario, is 1025 miles away from us but she has always been one of Lily’s biggest allies, even despite the distance.

“It turned out they were in town around the time of her graduation and she asked if she could give her a lift.

“I couldn’t wait to surprise Lily with this.”

Lily’s mum explained that the last few years through junior high have been difficult for her daughter as she has dealt with bullying, moving schools and the deaths of both of Alyson’s parents.

Alyson said: “She remembers my father passing from ALS.


“Her own father who is absent from her life had another child that she cannot see and I broke up from the father of her two younger siblings who had taken up the role of father figure.

“We moved from the small island of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, to the city about six months after with Lily has dealt with being bullied, adjustment issues, schoolwork, conflicts.

“Then my mother and her Nana passed away from complications of Multiple Sclerosis and then my subsequent diagnosis with the same disease.”

Despite all of this, Lily will be moving on to the last three years of school, grades 10 through 12, and a surprise seemed like the perfect reward.

Alyson said: “Lily has come out on the other end a strong, beautiful young lady and the support from her Grammie was one of the biggest reasons she was able to do that.

“Although they haven’t been able to see each other except for a few times when finances and time worked out, they were able to foster their relationship from a distance.

“Grammie is one of Lily’s biggest cheerleaders, supporters and they have an exceptionally beautiful bond that mothers can only hope their daughters will have with their grandparents.

“This graduation from junior high to high school marked a new beginning for Lily

“Having Toni there to celebrate this with her was something so special to her.”

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