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fidget spinner

By Luke Kenton

This is the awesome moment the world of fidget spinning’s ante is officially upped, as the world’s largest version of the viral toy hits the streets of Germany.

As the fidget spinning sensation continues to sweep much of the world, Michel David and the BigRep design team, from Berlin, have just upped the ante, by 3d printing the world’s largest spinner.


Standing at over two-feet-tall, the electric orange spinner was given its first official test-drive out in the streets of Berlin, much to the amazement of those glancing on at the gigantic gadget.

Due to the spinner’s size, Michel initially struggles to execute several comical tricks, including spinning it on a model lion’s head, but before long he masters his craft, throwing and catching the spinner and even balancing it on his foot while drinking a beer.

Michel said: “Seeing the light in the eyes of kids playing with fidget spinners, we thought would use the hype as an opportunity to engage them with 3D printing.

“It took us about two hours to design and model it, then about 50 hours for the actual printing.


“But it was definitely worth all the hard work, everyone loved it particularly the kids.

“People were very interested in it, one boy was astonished when we let him have a go, he much preferred it to his regular spinner.

“We actually decided to hold a prize draw to give away two of the spinners for free.

“We donated one to a Berlin’s children home and another to a kids’ circus for acrobatics.

“We will be giving another one away soon, so be sure to check out for more information.”