By Alex Matthews

What an EGG-CELLENT find!

A couple were left shell- shocked when they cracked open an egg with three yolks for brunch.

Triple yolk eggs are so rare they had a 25-million-to-one chance of finding one – but Lisa Wilson and her partner Anthony Sharman, 52, found one preparing a late breakfast on Sunday.

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS – Triple Yolker with with three double egg yoke.

Lisa, 42, from Leicester, said: “I was completely stunned. I don’t think I’d ever heard of a triple yolker before.

“I was in the dining room and my partner was making brunch in the kitchen.

“I heard him shout ‘I’ve got a triple yoker,’ so I ran into the kitchen to see what he was talking about.


Lisa bought the eggs from her local farm shop to support the business. She claims they often find double yolk eggs in the boxes she buys, and that four out of the six eggs in the box from Sunday 5 had two yolks.

The insurance underwriter said: “We get a lot of double yolk eggs in their boxes, and so you get more for you money. It’s great.

“We also like to support local shops, as we think it’s really important.

“We’re certainly going to keep going back now. We’d really like another triple.”