Video Viral

By Ben Walley

This man knows how to shoot and score!

Liam Coyte, 31, from Essex doesn’t know how to miss a shot and this compilation is proof of his amazing football skills.

These incredible trick shots look almost impossible – but Liam does them all with ease, giving the likes of Ronaldo and Messi a run for their money.

PIC FROM Caters News 

He can be seen kicking his football from complicated angles, and hitting his far away basket ball target each and every time.

Liam, who works as a green keeper said: “I’ve always liked to play football from a young age, but I feel with trick shots it’s something you do really need to practice.

“I saw a lot of these types of videos online, they gave me a small amount of idea but I felt I could come up with better shots myself.

“I always love a challenge, my favourite type of shot is a moving target!”