Offbeat Video

By Bethany Gleave 

This is the moment a bulky and unfit dad whose only exercise is ‘picking up a pint’ was forced to throw down his club early and receive treatment for leg cramps – during a game of CRAZY GOLF.

Matthew Earley, 37, who admits he would rather be in the pub than in the gym, only got a few holes into a competitive game of crazy golf when he was struck by ‘painful’ leg cramps meaning he could no longer play on.

Hilarious footage shows Matthew ‘effing and jeffing’ while lay on his back as pals try to stretch out his cramping muscles in a scene that wouldn’t look out of place on a professional football pitch – as other players looked on bemused.


However his friends’ efforts were to no avail and the XX-stone dad was forced to retire as the rest of those on the stag do at Butlins, Bognor Regis, played on.

Now Matthew has admitted that he should have ‘warmed up’ for the relaxing game as he has been left limping for more than a week.

Matthew, from Southampton, said: “I’d already had about six pints for breakfast, I don’t know who’s idea it was to play crazy golf but I’d had rather stayed at the bar.

“I was about to take a shot, about half way through the game, and my leg just went.

“I started screaming and effing and jeffing, the course was packed full of people, it was terrible.

“Before the video started I had already been screaming and limping for a few minutes, all the lads were just laughing at me.”

Fellow stag, Keith King, 51, caught the moment Matthew lay on the green whilst another member of the group stretched out the cramp.

Keith said: “Matthew just started limping around with the golf club.

“I’m not surprised he was injured as the only exercise he usually gets is picking up a pint.

“We all used to play football together years ago so we knew to get him down and stretch the cramp out.

“Wayne stretched his leg for him, it honestly looked like something you’d see on a professional football pitch.”


Despite receiving ‘expert’ treatment, taxi firm director Matthew’s injury is still painful and hindering him from his everyday life.

Matthew said: “A week later and I can only just walk properly.

“Someone I know works a lot with sport injuries and she thinks I’ve done something to the muscle.

“Maybe I should have warmed up, but I never thought I’d have to warm up for a crazy golf game.”

Matthew admits that he does try to join the gym and exercise more but ultimately he prefers to be in the pub.

He said: “I get those times, like most people do, where I join the gym with good intentions, but after a few weeks I just decide to go to the pub instead.”

Keith confessed that the group of 18 men often become quite competitive during golf games, despite him ‘not being able to play for toffee’.

Keith said: “A lot of the lads are golf players, it always gets competitive whether we play golf or crazy golf.

“Some of the lads are really good players, and we always do golfing holidays to Portugal.

“We all chuck a pound in and the winner takes all.

“I can’t play golf for toffee so there’s no point me even trying to compete.”