By Sarah Francis

This is the heart-warming moment a man proposed to his girlfriend –  after asking her sister to be his ‘best friend forever’.


When Will Seaton, 25, decided to tie the knot with his girlfriend, Ashley Schaus, 23, he knew how important it was to include her 16-year-old sister Hannah too.

Hannah, who has downs syndrome and diabetes, has been an integral part of their relationship and even come on many of their dates.

And when he got down on one knee and presented Hannah with her grandmother’s ring, no one could hold back their tears.

Ashley, from Santa Claus, Indiana, USA, said: “The proposal was probably the best day of my life. The whole day was a complete surprise.

“Growing up with Hannah having special needs I’ve realised that she might not get to experience some of the things that I get to experience and I want her to enjoy those things in her own way as well.


“I wouldn’t have it any other way, though I never would’ve thought that I would’ve shared my engagement day, my wedding day and everything else in my life with my sister.

“Hannah is the biggest part of my life besides Will and I want her to be a part of it all.

“I wouldn’t trade it for any other way. We are like three musketeers and do everything together.”

Ashley, Will and Hannah went for a walk into a field full of daffodils, like they do every year, to get professional photos taken.

While Will and Hannah were having their photograph taken, Will dropped on one knee and asked Hannah to ‘be his best friend forever’.


Ashley said: “After he proposed to Hannah, she was so excited and then she began to cry which was the sweetest moment ever and of course it made me cry.

“Hannah’s happiness is so genuine that you knew that this is just the best moment of her life and she felt so special.

“At that moment I was just beyond happy for Hannah I didn’t even really think about myself. ”

Right after that Will turned to Ashley and asked for her hand in marriage.

The two sister share a tight knit bond since Hannah was born when Ashley was eight-years-old.

She said: “When she was born my parents explained to me how she would always be different and that I would have to look out for my sister more and most importantly have more patience.

“I help Hannah with her schoolwork and visit her school regularly to have lunch with her and visit her classroom.

“We take vacations together and Hannah is included on many of Will and I’s dates.


“Will and I even built our house close to my parents so that we could stay near her.”

Since Will and Ashley started dating in 2010 and ever since then Will has taken Hannah under is wing too.

Ashley said: “Will and Hannah’s relationship reminds me a lot of my big brother and a little sister.

“Will is very protective of Hannah make sure she has what she needs.

“Hannah looks up to Will as a role model and listens to him. Her favorite thing about well is his silly jokes.”


The couple are planning their wedding for next year in Indianan and will feature Hannah and Will sharing best friend vows at the altar and a first dance together.

Ashley added: “I want Hannah to be a part of everything because she such a big part of my life and she’s such a big part of Will and I’s relationship.

“You never know what the future will hold and there may be some day where she finds a wonderful boy to share her life with but until then she is more than welcome to be a part of all of our experiences together. “