Animals Video

By Jack Williams

This is the adorable footage of a wild dog plucking her pups for their den as a way of signaling it was feeding time.

The rare video of an interaction between mother and her pups, above ground and in the wild, saw the wild dog approach what initially appears to be an empty hole in the ground.

At the hole, though, the mother stuck in her head in, grabbing the first pup by the scruff and pulling it from the den.

The other pups then followed their sibling’s lead in leaving the den.

Once all the were above ground, the mother lay down to allow her young to feed.

Dylan Auerbach captured the cute moment at the Thornybush Game Reserve, South Africa, on June 21, 2017.

Los Altos, California, resident Dylan, 22, said he was very pleased with the footage he was able to take, given that wild dogs are such difficult animals to find in the wild.

Dylan said: “It was a beautiful interaction to see in the wild.

“To witness a wild dog show love and care towards her pups was heartwarming because the animals are often seen as ruthless killers.

“Wild Dogs are a difficult animal to find in the wild and are often a forgotten animal in Africa due to all the other amazing animals taking the spotlight – lions, leopards, cheetahs and elephants, for example.

“So, filming the Wild Dogs for me was incredible because it showed how mesmerizing these animals really are and how they interact with their pups.”