Animals Video

By Mike Jones

This adorable baby elephant just can’t stand up!

As much as the little elephant can’t find its footing, it keeps trying to prove on-lookers otherwise.

PIC FROM Grant Atkinson / Caters News

The video was shot moments after the mother gave birth to its baby, who is determined to start walking immediately.

With a little bit of help from the trunk of its mum, the elephant can manage mere seconds before falling to the dirt again.

Grant Atkinson shot this video in Northern Botswana, moments after the baby was born.

Grant said: “We came across these two elephants – a mum who had just given birth.

PIC FROM Grant Atkinson / Caters News

“The little baby was really struggling to stand up and take its first few steps.

“The mum kept throwing dust, perhaps to cover up the post-birth blood.

“She kept trying to encourage the baby to stand up.

“The baby finally seemed to make it up, before falling down again.”