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By Ben Walley

A hardy father could not stop crying with happiness when presented adoption papers by his stepson.

Tyler Dukes, 20, asked his step-dad of seven years to adopt him as his son so he could take on his surname.

PIC FROM Caters News

Blake Wilson, 34, who works in sales was handed the surprise of his life when he discovered adoption papers attached to the back of a photo frame he was given for Father’s Day.

Tyler’s mum Angela Wilson, 36, from Macon, Georgia in USA  said:  “Blake’s been a father to Tyler since he was 13 so they’ve been extremely close and you couldn’t tell they weren’t biological.

“Last year he came to me and told me he wanted it to be official and legal and that he wanted Blake’s name.

“He wanted to do it on Father’s Day so it would be memorable and more meaningful. We had never really discussed it with Blake was already his dad in every other way.

“His biological father hasn’t ever been around and hasn’t seen him in years.”