Life Video


By David Aspinall

This is the tear-jerking moment a wife wells up after being gifted with her late father’s favourite leather jacket.

Sat excitedly at home in Orlando, Florida, USA, Camila Clews carefully opens the presents from husband Paul for her birthday on June 5.

Having finally removed all the wrapping paper from her biggest present, the 27-year-old recognises her dad Henry Vallecillo’s leather vest before instantly bursting into tears of joy.

Turning to Paul and asking ‘how did you get this’, Camila holds the jacket up for a closer look and the pictures of her dad before the couple embrace emotionally.

Paul said: “Camila was and always will be a daddy’s girl but Henry passed away when she was just five-years-old.

“Her and her dad adored each other like crazy.


“The reaction was priceless.

“Camila obviously misses her dad like crazy but she is really happy to have his jacket which brings her so many happy memories.”

To organise the surprise, Paul – who met Camila five years ago while they volunteered at a summer camp – contacted her family in a bid to track down the jacket.

Paul said: “The idea came to me when she mentioned the jacket but that she wasn’t sure who in the family still had it.

“After contacting a few different family members over Facebook, we finally located it.

“They agreed to send it over and when I added the pictures of Henry, Camila instantly knew what it was and teared up.”